More versatile but also more expensive components for Video Capture and Editing, as assembled into our PC Configuration 2.

Combined cost was approximately US$31,000 or euro35,000. All brand names mentioned are registered trademarks of the respective companies listed here.

I. Optics

  1. Olympus BX51 microscope with transmitted light arm, lamphouse, 8-position universal condenser, mechanical stage, 7-position DIC nosepiece and trinocular observation tube with 10x eyepieces.
  2. Objectives: Plan Semi-Apochromat 4x, 10x, 20x; Plan Apochromat 60x/NA1.40; Plan 100x/NA1.0 I-IR
  3. DIC optics: HR prism for 20x and 60x objectives; HC prism for 100x objective; Analyzer; Gout slider adapter; Transmitted DIC prism slider
  4. Drawing attachment.
  5. Simple magnification changer 1x/1.25x/1.6x/2x.
  6. 1x video adapter + C-mount camera adapter
  7. 0.35x CCD camera adapter (interchanges with item 6 above)

II. Video camera and monitor

  1. Olympus OLY-200 1/3" single CCD color video camera
  2. Sony S-M035 14" RGB monitor

III. Computer hardware

  1. ATX mid-tower case with ASUS A7-V motherboard, AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz processor, 128MB PC-133 SDRAM, mouse and keyboard
  2. Fixed Maxtor 20 Gb ATA/100 7200 rpm hard drive
  3. Removable Maxtor 30 Gb ATA/100 7200 rpm hard drive in ATA/100 caddy
  4. Generic 50x CD-ROM drive
  5. Generic 8x4x32x CD-RW
  6. Generic 1.44MB floppy drive
  7. 250MB Iomega ZIP drive
  8. Pinnacle DV500 graphics card
  9. Generic 3D soundcard & speakers
  10. Intel 10/100 ethernet card
  11. Amptron 17" .25mm monitor

IV. Computer software

  1. Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition
  2. Adobe Premiere 6.0 (included with DV500)
  3. Apple QuickTime Player 4.0