Partially resolved phylogeny of clades within the order Rhabditida, derived from small subunit rDNA* sequence analysis

Order Rhabditida in our system corresponds largely with Class Secernentea or Rhabditea in previous systems; taxa were Cephalobomorpha and Panagrolaimomorpha

*SSU rDNA is also frequently referred to as 18S or 16S rDNA

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This phylogeny is modified from the following publication:

Félix, M.-A., P. De Ley, R.J Sommer, L.M. Frisse, S.A. Nadler, W.K. Thomas, J.R. Vanfleteren, and P.W. Sternberg. 2000. Evolution of vulva development in the Cephalobina (Nematoda). Developmental Biology 221: 68-86.

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