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Chromadoria - Chromadorida - Leptolaimina - Plectoidea - Plectidae

Culture conditions:

- Xenic: with small inocula of E. coli on 1% soil agar (incl. 1-3% dark soil) + 5 µg/ml cholesterol. Any excess moisture on plate surface is allowed to evaporate before sealing. Other bacteria and a fungus have not been removed. Kept at 17C.

Long-term storage:

Probably capable of surviving desiccation. Freezing was not attempted. Slowly desiccated plates may be suitable for permanent storage in liquid nitrogen.


Freely available on agar.


ANDERSON, R. V. (1966). An emendation of the diagnosis of both the subfamily and two genera of Wilsonematinae and a new genus, Ereptonema n. g. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 44: 923-935.

DE LEY, P. & COOMANS, A. (1997). Terrestrial nematodes from the Galápagos Archipelago. 7. Description of Tylocephalus nimius sp. n. and new data on the morphology, development and behaviour of Tylocephalus auriculatus (Bütschli, 1873) Anderson, 1966 (Leptolaimida: Plectidae). Fundamental and Applied Nematology, 20: 213-228.


Paul De Ley.


Males are common in some plates, absent in others. Only three juvenile stages, each of which is characterized by a distinctly different head morphology. During feeding, juveniles and adults swing their head dorsally and ventrally like metronomes. 
Last revised 27 March 1998