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Acrobeloides bodenheimeri (Steiner, 1936) Thorne, 1937

CGC strain code:


Old codes:



Sand around roots of mixed vegetation in older dunes about 50 m inland and 100 m north of northernmost apartment building; Bray-les-Dunes, France (just south of border with Belgium).  Collected in June 1997 by Paul De Ley.


Secernentea - Rhabditida - Cephalobina - Cephaloboidea - Cephalobidae

Culture conditions:

- Xenic: 3 drops of E. coli on SA + 5mg/ml cholesterol, kept at 17C.

Long-term storage:

No survival after freezing in glycerin. Can be stored 6-12 months on slowly desiccated plates; such plates can probably be stored permanently in liquid nitrogen.


Freely available in xenic medium.


Steiner, G. (1936). Opuscula miscellanea nematologica, IV. Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 3: 74-80.

De Ley, P., Félix, M.-A. Frisse, L.M., Nadler, S.A., Sternberg, P.W. & Thomas, W.K. (1999). Molecular and morphological characterisation of two reproductiely isolated species with mirror-image anatomy (Nematoda: Cephalobidae). Nematology 1, 591-612.


Paul De Ley. See remark above on A. saeedi and notes below.


Appears to prefere lower temperatures than other strains from the bodenheimeri/maximus complex. 
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