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Myolaimus heterurus Cobb, 1920

CGC strain code:


Old codes:



Red soil (latosol) collected around roots of enset at approx 2000 m ASL near Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia. Sample collected on 2 January 1995 by Mr Zewdie Abera.


Secernentea - Rhabditida - Cephalobina - Myolaimoidea - Myolaimidae

Culture conditions:

Xenic: Kept on "semi-wet plates": E. coli on 1% pure agar + 4 ml P-buffer pH 7.3 (removed again prior to nematode transfer) + 5 µg/ml cholesterol. Other bacteria were not been removed (may even have been essential). Keep at 16-18C.

Inoculation procedure:

E. coli are spread out over FRESH plates the day before transfer of nematodes as follows.

Long-term storage:

Freezing was not attempted.


Dead and Gone!!


Cobb, N.A. (1920). One hundred new nemas (type species of 100 new genera). Contributions to a Science of Nematology, 9: 217-343.


Paul De Ley.


Males common, probably amphimictic. Animals seem to be unhappy on the surface; soft gels recommended to allow them to dig in. 
Last Updated: 27 March 1998