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Cervidellus alutus (Siddiqi, 1993) Shahina & De Ley, 1997

CGC strain code:


Other codes:

alphaC, WCUG4, JB-030


Nebe, central Senegal: Sahel soil 5 km south of Diourbel along road Diourbel-Gossas. Collected in August 1991 by Pierre Baujard.


Secernentea - Rhabditida - Cephalobina - Cephaloboidea - Cephalobidae

Culture conditions:

Xenic: E. coli on 1.5% pure agar (with or without 0.1% NA) + 5 µg/ml cholesterol. Currently kept on "wet plates" (1% agar + cholesterol + 5 ml 0.05M phosphate buffer at pH 7.3 + E. coli). No attempts to remove other bacteria have so far been made.

Long-term storage:

No survival after freezing in glycerin. Can be stored 6-12 months on slowly desiccated plates; such plates can probably be stored permanently in liquid nitrogen.


Freely available on agar.


Siddiqi, M.R. (1993). Nematodes of tropical rainforests: 2. Five new genera and eight new species of cephalobs. Afro-Asian Journal of Nematology, 3: 221-225.


Paul De Ley.


Autotokous. Seems to multiply slightly faster than S. complexa. Well-sealed plates can last very long. Do not keep below 20°C. 
Last Updated: Tuesday 27 March 1998