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Pseudacrobeles variabilis

CGC strain code:

Not available.

Old codes:





Secernentea - Rhabditida - Cephalobina - Cephaloboidea - Cephalobidae

Culture conditions:

- Xenic: 5 drops of E. coli on SA + 5mg/ml cholesterol, kept at 17C.

Long-term storage:

No survival after freezing in glycerin. Can be stored 6-12 months on slowly desiccated plates; such plates can probably be stored permanently in liquid nitrogen.


Not available.


Steiner, G. (1936). Opuscula miscellanea nematologica, IV. Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington 3: 74-80.

De Ley, P., Félix, M.-A. Frisse, L.M., Nadler, S.A., Sternberg, P.W. & Thomas, W.K. (1999). Molecular and morphological characterisation of two reprodu


Paul De Ley. See remark above on A. saeedi and notes below.


Apparently part of a species complex. Cultured specimens are morphologically very close to e.g. the amphimictic sinistral strains PS1158 and PS2160 (A. bodenheimeri) and to the amphimictic dextral strain PS2052 (A. camberenensis), but are parthenogenetic and have a higher reproductive rate. Very rare males appear only in very crowded plates. 
Last Updated: Thursday April 3, 2003