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Graduate Students
Allyson Dorsey B. S., California Lutheran University, 2013
Natalie De Howitt B. S., University of Puerto Rico-Ponce, 2011
Nicole Bakas B. S., UC-Riverside, 2012
Ryan Schreihans B. S., CSU-San Bernadino, 2012
Undergraduate Students  
Samantha Pulido
B. S., UC-Riverside, expected 2015
Jody Gotoc B. S., UC-Riverside, expected 2016
Rotation Students
Ryan Sueme
B. S., University of San Diego, 2015
Joseph Fan Ph. D., UCLA, 2015
Narender Reddy Gade       Ph. D., Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences/University Of Hyderabad, 2014

Pirrung Group Night at the Angels Game, with REU Students

Frivolity at the Pirrung Group Christmas Party


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