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In 2004, Elsevier published a textbook that I authored, "Molecular Diversity and Combinatorial Chemistry, Principles and Applications."

Molecular Diversity and Combinatorial Chemistry, Principles and Applications

If you do not know of my book, you can get information about it from the Elsevier web site.

This page is a clearinghouse for users of the book. I would appreciate receiving feedback. If you have comments, please send them along to me at:

This page can provide one useful service as a listing for errata. If you discover and report a heretofore unreported error in the book, I will send you a Starbucks gift card. You can send your errata (and your mailing address) to me at the above email address.


A significant omission was accidentally made in the publication of this book, which I very much regret. The interesting figure on the cover was provided by Ray Bornert II, but my acknowledgment of his contribution was lost in the shuffle. He should have been listed in the acknowledgments on page xiii.

You can see his figures on his web site at the following link:

Page 25 - The peptide sequences at the top of page 25 are inconsistent. The correct figure is provided below. Khue Truong receives the first Starbucks gift card.



Page 26 - The function used for the volume of a sphere is incorrect. The actual volume is 16 mL. Thanks to Christiana Merrywell.

Page 157 - The answers to problems 4 and 5 are switched. Thanks to Robert Koble.

Page 158 - The correct sequence is AQMFX. Colleen Knoth is having coffee, too!



The book contains a Urlography. Here are the active links:

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