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Biotechnology for Business is on hiatus.


At this time, it does not appear that we can routinely schedule courses and count on a sufficient number of unsolicited enrollments to reach our minimums, even from among those who have in the past expressed interest. The calendars of our faculty and our business community clientele always seems to be a hindrance. Our approach must therefore change. If a group of people know that they require this sort of training, we can certainly provide it, and we can make the arrangements locally as we have for past programs. We have also offered custom courses at a client's site. Depending on the location and the number of people who will participate, we will consider doing so again.


The dynamic and rapidly growing biotechnology industry demands the attention of top decision-makers in society, many of whom now require extensive knowledge of contemporary science issues. The Biotechnology for Business Program began at Duke University in 1994, and has been offered continually since. With the 2005 edition of the course, we made likely our biggest change in relocating the course to the west coast. While our location may have changed, the course content, atmosphere, and our star instructors have remained the same.

Past course attendees have come from six continents. Click here to see just a few of the companies that have sent participants to Biotechnology for Business. The backgrounds represented in our participants are quite diverse, and include:

  • Financial managers with legal or financial training in biotechnology companies who are also challenged to deal with scientific issues.
  • Venture capitalists and industry analysts who often must evaluate technology-based companies.
  • Investment bankers who must understand the underlying technology of development-stage companies they bring to market.
  • Executives in established enterprises who want to understand the scientific opportunities offered by the biotechnology industry.
  • Marketing professionals who must understand their company’s technology to present it to the public.
  • Government officials who are required to regulate or formulate legislation concerning biotechnology.
  • Patent attorneys who must understand technology to protect intellectual property.
"After nine years in the finance...side of the business, I finally feel 'at home' discussing scientific issues. My questions, and the answers, will be so much more relevant. Not only the course material, but the interaction in the faculty and fellow participants was invaluable. I intend to keep in touch with many fellow students. The information flow is critical to success"

The recognition of the need for biotechnology training for business professionals prompted us to establish Biotechnology for Business in 1994. The course trains nonscientists in the fundamental biology underlying the biotechnology industry. Participants include professionals in occupations influenced by biotechnology (agriculture, scientific instrumentation, marketing, investment banking, pharmaceutical/veterinary, venture capital, patent law, and government). The course:

  • imparts a vision of developments and opportunities in the biotechnology industry
  • enables participants to knowledgeably view the scientific issues in their own work and interact confidently with technical personnel.

It is no mystery that our course has been in existence for over a decade. We have the experience and materials to provide you with superior training. Beware of imitations! This is the course that your friends told you about.


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