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Articles in trade journals

Comparison of sampling methods for Asian citrus psyllid (pdf)

Limiting Asian citrus psyllids in nursery citrus (pdf)

European grapevine moth eradication (pdf)

New glassy-winged sharpshooter problems (pdf)

Climate effects on Pierce's disease (pdf)

Comparison of systemic insecticides against ACP in nursery citrus (pdf)

Online resources 

Asian citrus psyllid distribution and management (link)

Online ACP class for master gardeners and homeowners (link)

Online ACP class for nurseries (link)

Temecula GWSS blog (link)

Napa BGSS monitoring program (link)

Policy documents

Asian citrus psyllid transportation quarantines (pdf)

Asian citrus psyllid vertical transmission (pdf)

Asian citrus psyllid recommended treatment scale (pdf)

Asian citrus psyllid effectiveness of buffer treatments (pdf)

Recommendation for CDFA response to huanglongbing detection (pdf)

Recommendation for grower response to huanglongbing detection (pdf)

UC IPM materials

Asian citrus psyllid pest note (pdf)

Asian citrus psyllid quick tip (pdf)

Asian citrus psyllid quick tip for nurseries (pdf)

Glassy-winged sharpshooter pest note (pdf)

Species accounts

Argentine ant (link)

Brown marmorated stink bug (link)

Chytrid fungus (link)

European grapevine moth (link)

Sudden oak death (link)

Vine mealybug (link)

Other handouts and newsletter articles

Asian citrus psyllid in nurseries (pdf)

European grapevine moth risk map, Napa County (pdf)

Glassy-winged sharpshooter history (pdf)

Sharpshooter monitoring (pdf)

Pierce's disease scouting (pdf)

Vine mealybug risk map, Napa County (pdf)

Xylella vectors (pdf)


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