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.Research Positions.


We are interested in finding enthusiastic students to join the lab in studying insects, ecology, or plant disease. Take a look at the research going on in the lab. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us with questions. You are also welcome to stop by for a visit. When not out in the field or greenhouses we can be found in 100 Chapman Hall.

Graduate students
Prospective students should have a strong interest in population dynamics, food webs, plant-insect interactions, vector- borne disease (transmission ecology or epidemiology), invasion biology, or pest/disease management. The ideal candidate would have some background in quantitative methods, or at least an interest in using experiments to test theory. The Riverside area, and Southern California in general, offers a wide range of both natural and managed study systems in which to work. UC Riverside, in addition to Entomology, has programs in Biology, Botany, Plant Pathology, a graduate program in Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology, and centers for Invasive Species Research and Conservation Biology - all of which makes for a dynamic community of natural science researchers. Please contact Matt for further details.

Undergraduate field and lab assistants
We regularly hire UC Riverside students, particularly during the summer months, to participate in ongoing research projects. These positions typically involve a combination of field, greenhouse,  and laboratory work. Duties include maintaining plants and insect colonies in the greenhouse, basic microbiology, field collection of insects and plant samples, and molecular diagnostics of plant samples. Prior experience with lab methods (PCR, ELISA) or fieldwork is desirable, but is not required. To inquire about openings send a CV or list of work experience plus a description of your research/career interests to matt.daugherty@ucr.edu.

Department of Entomology
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