Leonid Pryadko

Contact information

campus mail:
Physics-069, Rm. 3040
mailing address:
900 University Avenue
Department of Physics
University of California at Riverside
Riverside, California 92521-0413
(951) 827-5644 (voice)
(951) 827-4529 (fax)

Undergraduate students

Science and engineering majors interested in research are invited for a weekly undergraduate seminar "Exploring many-body quantum physics with Mathematica." This is your opportunity to prepare for real-life research, perhaps as early as this Summer!

Opportunities for Graduate Students

I am currently recruiting graduate students in the areas of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information Processing. Interested students already enrolled at UCR may contact me directly. Prospective graduate students should contact me by email and obtain general information and the downloadable application form here.


Please see my research group and current projects pages.
Leonid Pryadko <my first name at landau dot ucr dot edu>
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