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<bron 18> -- General view of part of the site near Peterborough, Ontario




<bron 19> -- Detail at the Peterborough, Ontario site






<bron 21> -- King Woden-lithi's artists at Peterborough, Ontario carved different kinds of vessels in the rocks



<bron 22> -- The Peterborough, Ontario rock carvings depict what the Celtic visitors saw in America



<bron 23> -- Woden-lithi had engraved  landmark in the history of American commerce and scientific measurement at the Peterborough, Ontario site


<bron 24> -- An ancient public notice engraved in Tifinag letters at Peterborough, Ontario




<bron 65> -- Opening phrases of Woden-lithi's inscription at Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 66> -- Woden-lithi gives us the name of his ship after identifying himself



<bron 67> -- Woden-lithi reveals the purpose of his visit to Canada




<bron 68> -- Woden-lithi now tells us how long he stayed in America.




<bron 69> -- Woden-lithi specifies the actual months he was present in Canada




<bron 70> -- Woden-lithi relates how he dealt profitably with the Algonquins, exhanging his trade goods for copper ingots."


<bron 71> -- Woden lithi mentions how in this secluded nook he hacked out [messages]while lingering here



<bron 74> -- Plan of calendar observatory at Peterborough, Ontario





<bron 75> -- First section of the ancient Nordic zodiac at Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 76> -- Second section of the ancient Nordic zodiac inscribed by Woden-lithi at his Peterborough observatory



<bron 82> -- The solar ship, at Peterborough, Ontario = "Ship of the Blazing Standard"




<bron 83> -- The moon-goddess figure at Peterborough, Ontario.





<bron 85> -- Yule-men from the Mid-Winter Festival as held at King Woden-lithi's site at Peterborough



<bron 96> -- Woden's magic spear, carved at Peterborough, Ontario





<bron 97> --  Image of Woden at Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 103> -- The Tree of Dread, Yggdrasil, at Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 104> -- At Peterborough, Ontario, Woden acquires a magic steed called Slehefnir



<bron 113> -- A bronze-Age conception of celestial mechanics> --Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 119> -- Thunor, god of thunder, inscription at Peterborough, Ontario




<bron 120> -- Thunor wearing his giant glove, inscription at Peterborough, Ontario



<bron 123> -- This inscription at Peterborough, Ontario depicts the Thunderer



<bron 126> -- The male fertility god at Peterborough, Ontario




<bron 157> -- Petroglyphs, in bronze Age style, from Denmark & Peterborough, Ontario compared.



<bron 169> --  Petroglyph of Wenri Crunch-Hand, the wolf that bites off the hand of the god Tsiw, Peterborough, Ontario













<bron 170> -- Ymir a sea giant, defeated by Thunor with his hammer, Molnir> --Peterborough, Ontario




<bron 171> -- Reference to a series of labeled petroglyphs depicting serpents of Midgard (Middle Earth), Peterborough, Ontario






<bron 172> -- Serpent-dragons of Middle Earth, Peterborough, Ontario





<bron 173> -- Ascent of the gods to Walhol> -- Ragnarök (Twilight of the Gods) begins with the defeat of the Aesir by the monsters of Midgard (Middle Earth), Peterborough, Ontario









       See Fell, Barry.  1982.  Bronze Age America.  Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto.  304 p.


       Appreciation is extended to René Fell for drawings of the Peterborough Petroglyphs shown in this section