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             Of  NEW HAMPSHIRE



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<Bron 36> -- View of supporting stones of the massive capstone of the dolmen at Bartlett, NH





<Bron 155> -- Men-a-tol at Jefferson, New Hampshire




North Salem (also see America’s Stonehenge)

<Bron 37> -- Massive orthostats of chamber at Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH



<Bron 41> -- Slab lintel supported by drystone columns,Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH




<Bron 46> -- Megalithic construction of internal walls by drystone fitted blocks, Mystery Hill, NH




<Bron 77> -- Azimuth directions of the major standing stones at the Mystery Hill stone circle in New Hampshire




Misc. Sites

<Bron 183> --  Incised patterns from bell-shaped and similar pottery urns from Portugal, New York State, & New Hampshire



<Petro 345> -- New Hampshire:  Bow & Arrow Petroglyph