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               Of  BRITISH COLUMBIA



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Adams Lake


<bron 115> -- Pictorial lessons in ogam ,Garfield Flat, Mineral County, Nevada & an archaic type of ship, at Adams Lake, British Columbia



Canal Flats


<bron 125> -- This petroglyph from Canal Flats, British Columbia, points to Irish, not Scot, Gaelic







<bron 138> -- Pictographs about marriage, Chandler Ranch, near Lillooet, British Columbia.



<bron 139> -- Pictograph that records a wedding ceremony, Chandler Ranch, near Lillooet, British Columbia.






<bron 142> -- Runners with Gaelic ogam inscription, Vernon, British Columbia




<bron 144> -- Phallic god and god of music combined in an image of Mabo  The pictograph is a more recent work by a Takhelne speaker of mixed (creolinized) Norse-Amerind tongue, Joh Corner's Vernon, British Columbia site



<bron 174> -- "Loki and the Dragon of Middle Earth." John Corner site in British Columbia,






Misc. Sites


<bron 106b> -- British Columbia  inscription, "A fleece timely to be sheared."









       See Fell, Barry.  1982.  Bronze Age America.  Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto.  304 p.


       Appreciation is extended to René Fell for drawings of the Ontario British Columbia petroglyphs.