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                             Of  ALBERTA, CANADA



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Milk River


<petro 154> -- petroglyph of Thunor with his hammer, Mjolnir> -- Milk River, Alberta, Canada


<petro 155> -- Lug, god of light at Alberta Provincial Park, Canada





<petro 156> -- Carving in a nonresistant rock in the Milk River valley, Alberta, Canada,



<petro 157> -- Inscription of recent origin found along the valley of the Milk River in Alberta, Canada




<petro 158> -- A Milk River inscription from southern Alberta, Canada shows the Celtic god Goibhnui.


<petro 159> -- Evidence of Norse-Celtic contacts th Milk River, near Writing-on-Stone, southern Alberta, Canada



<petro 160> -- An antelope rebus from the Milk River, Alberta, Canada




<petro 161> -- More evidence of Norse-Celtic contacts along the Milk River sites, southern Alberta, Canada











<petro 162> -- Thunor with his hammer, Mjolnir, Milk River, Alberta, Canada



<petro 163> -- Mother-goddess of the Plains Celts., Milk River, Alberta




<petro 164> -- petroglyph at the Milk River, Alberta, Canada, may depict a divination ceremony







       See Fell, Barry.  1982.  Bronze Age America.  Little, Brown and Co., Boston, Toronto.  304 p.


       Appreciation is extended to René Fell for drawings of Alberta petroglyphs shown in this section.