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Plant physiology and nanobiotechnology


We work at the interface between plant physiology and nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have unique optical, electronic, and chemical properties. We are exploring how nanoparticle properties such as size, surface chemistry, and aspect ratios, shape their interaction with plant organelle and cell structures and determine their fate in living tissues. We aim to develop nanomaterial based research tools to study and engineer plant physiological mechanisms at levels of organization ranging from organelles to tissues and whole plants. Using a plant nanobionics approach, we seek to enable plants with novel or augmented functions.






Jing An starts as a Joint Ph.D. student funded by a China Scholarship Council (CSC) Fellowship.

Welcome Jing!

September 2017


Dr. Peiguang Hu joins the lab after receiving his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz. Welcome!

August 2017





University of California, Riverside

3401 Watkins Drive, Batchelor Hall 1125 Riverside, California, 92521

Juan Pablo Giraldo

Assistant Professor

Email: juanpablo.giraldo@ucr.edu