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Plant physiology and nanobiotechnology


We aim to develop nanomaterial based tools to study and engineer plant physiological mechanisms at levels of organization ranging from organelles to tissues and whole plants. We are discovering how nanoparticle physical and chemical properties affect their interaction with plant organelles and cellular structures. Using a plant nanobionics approach, we seek to enable plants with novel or augmented functions.






We thank the support of NSF MCB Cell Dynamics and Function cluster for funding our work on plant ROS signaling using a nanobiotechnology approach

January, 2018


Congrats Honghong for being selected to speak at ASPB Western!

January, 2018





University of California, Riverside

3401 Watkins Drive, Batchelor Hall 1125 Riverside, California, 92521

Juan Pablo Giraldo

Assistant Professor

Email: juanpablo.giraldo@ucr.edu