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We are a team of interdisciplinary scientists working at the interface between plant biology and nanotechnology. The lab shares affiliations with Material Science and Engineering, Institute for Integrative Genome Biology, Center for Plant Biology, Microbiology, Cell Molecular and Developmental Biology and the NSF Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology.


We are developing and applying nanomaterial based tools to study and engineer plant physiological mechanisms at levels of organization ranging from organelles to tissues and whole plants. We are discovering how the distinct physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of nanoparticles affect their interactions with plant organelles and cellular structures. Using a plant nanobioengineering approach, we seek to turn plants into technology by enabling them with novel or augmented functions.




ACS Nano published our systematic and comprehensive study of nanoparticle-leaf interactions. Peiguang Hu and Jing An elucidated and modeled how nanoparticle size and charge influence delivery efficiency into leaf cells and organelles. Congrats Peiguang and Jing!

July 2019


Excited to continue our collaborative work on nanoparticle-plant interactions with the NSF Center of Sustainable Nanotechnology!  Check out the UCR press release.

July 2019


We published a comprehensive and collaborative review in Nature Food of how nanotechnology can enable an effective, safe, and sustainable agriculture.

July 2019




University of California, Riverside

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Juan Pablo Giraldo

Assistant Professor

Email: juanpablo.giraldo@ucr.edu