2015 Summer Physics Teacher Academy

Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Riverside

California Science Project

Location: Reading Room 3035, Physics Building, UCR




_7:45am Coffee

_8:00am Opening

_8:30am New Science Standards Dr. Maria Chiara Simani(Director of CSP)

12:00pm Lunch

_1:05pm Carbon Flatland: Nanotechnology and Other Wonders in Graphene

________Jeanie Lau [Research Lecture]

_2:05pm Quantum Error Correction Leonid Pryadko [Research Lecture]


_7:45am Coffee

_8:00am Classical Mechanics Prof. Richard Seto [Physics Refresher]

10:05am Electricity & Magnetism Prof. Vivek Aji [Physics Refresher]

12:00pm Lunch

_1:05pm Surface Science Prof.Jory Yarmoff [Research Lecture]

_2:05pm Dark Matter Prof. Hai-Bo Yu [Research Lecture]


_7:45am Coffee

_8:00am Oscillations and Waves Prof. Allen Mills [Physics Refresher]

10:05am Nanotechnology Prof. Nathan Gabor [Research Lecture]

11:05am High Energy Physics Prof. Owen Long [Research Lecture]

12:00pm Lunch

_1:05pm Magnetic Force on A Current Mr. Chris Salvo [Physics Lab]


_7:45am Coffee

_8:00am Teaching Physics Ward Beyermann

_9:05am Spintronics Jing Shi [Research Lecture]

10:05am Thermal Physics Prof. Shan-Wen Tsai [Physics Refresher]

12:00pm Lunch

_1:05pm Lab Research Experience

________Antimatter Prof. Allen Mills

________Making Graphene Mr. Kevin Myhro (Lab of Prof. Jeanie Lau)

________Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy Mr. Mohammed Aldosary and Mr. Chi Tang

________(Lab of Prof. Jing Shi)

________Laser Glimpse Prof. Nathan Gabor


_7:45am Coffee

_8:00am Optics Prof. Harry Tom [Physics Refresher]

10:05am TBA Prof. Bahram Mobasher [Research Lecture]

11:05am Demo Exchange Prof. Hai-Bo Yu

12:00pm Lunch

_1:05pm Careers in Physics Prof. Harry Tom