I am interested in how the continents deform under stress and respond to earthquakes. These behaviours can be measured to millimetric precision using satellite-based tools, such as InSAR and GPS.

     Gareth J Funning    Assistant Professor of Geophysics


Open postdoctoral research position(s): I am seeking up to two recently/soon to be completed PhDs with complementary skills (e.g. finite element modelling, seismic waveform modelling, knowledge of fault mechanics, optical photogrammetry, GPS processing, LiDAR processing) to collaborate on problems of the earthquake source, the earthquake cycle and regional active deformation. Interested? Then get in touch!

Prospective graduate students: Enthusiastic and professionally curious students with geology/geophysics/physics/mathematics/engineering backgrounds, a knack for problem solving and interest in studying tectonic problems from space should definitely contact me. As part of the Earthquake Physics group at UC Riverside, you would be working in one of the first programs solely dedicated to understanding the behaviour of faults and earthquakes, and in sunny southern California!

Undergraduate honors research projects and summer internships: I have several short self-contained studies in mind which would be suitable for UCR undergraduates looking for Honors research projects. Students at other institutions who would be interested in a summer internship, please send me an e-mail!