IGPP Astronomy Seminar


Mostly Wednesdays 2:10 PM
IGPP Conference Room, Pierce 2226

Winter 2010


Date Speaker Title of Talk
Feb 3
Wednesday 2:10 PM
Roderik Overzier
Max Planck Institut fuer Astrophysik
The Formation of Massive Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters in the Early Universe
Feb 8
Monday, 2:10 PM
Vardha Nicola Bennert
UC Santa Barbara
Cosmic evolution of BH mass scaling relations

Fall 2009


Date Speaker Title of Talk
Oct 8
3:40 PM Eng.Bldg.2 Rm 138
James Bullock
UC Irvine
Dwarf Galaxies, Dark Matter, and the Threshold of Galaxy Formation
Oct 13
Tuesday, 9 AM
Eddie Laag
UC Riverside
Observations of Starburst Galaxies: Science and Supporting Technology
Oct 15
3:40 PM Eng.Bldg.2 Rm 138
Peter Capak
Probing the formation of the first galaxies
Oct 16
Friday, 10 AM
Tomas Dahlen
Supernova rates from the HST supernova search
Nov 5
Brad Peterson
Iowa State University and IPAC
Searching for Star Cluster Dissolution in the Interacting Galaxy System Arp 284
Nov 5
3:40 PM Eng.Bldg.2 Rm 138
Jeff Cooke
High Redshift Galaxies: Why should we care?
Nov 12
3:40 PM Eng.Bldg.2 Rm 138
George Helou
The Spitzer Space Telescope: The history and science highlights
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2
Wednesday, 2:00 PM
Mike Gladders
University of Chicago
Strong Lensing by Optically Selected Galaxy Clusters
Dec 3
Alison Coil
UC San Diego
Clustering, Quenching, and Feedback: Galaxies and AGN at z=1
Dec 4
Friday, 4:00 PM
Sunkaya Chakrabarti
UC Berkeley
Deciphering the Dynamical Impact of Cold Dark Matter Sub-Structure
Dec 18
Friday, 11:00 AM
Simona Mei
University of Paris VII
Stellar populations and morphology on the red sequence at z~1

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