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Peer-Reviewed Articles

"Neoliberal conservation and the potential for lawfare: New legal entities and the political ecology of litigation at Dwesa-Cwebe, South Africa," in Geoforum 44 (January 2013): 170-181.

"'The Trust is Over! We Want to Plough!': Social Differentiation and the Reversal of Resettlement in South Africa," in Human Ecology 40 (2012): 59-68.

"Migrants, Forests and Houses: the Historical Political Ecology of Architectural Change in Hobeni and Cwebe, South Africa," in Human Organization 70:3 (Fall 2011).

"Post-Apartheid Transformations and Population Change around Dwesa-Cwebe Nature Reserve, South Africa," Conservation and Society 9:1:8-15 (January-March 2011) .

"Human Migration to Protected Area Edges in Africa and Latin America: Questioning Large-Scale Statistical Analysis" co-authored with David Hoffman and Lucas Joppa, in Conservation and Society 9:1:8-15 (January-March 2011) .

"Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa: Caught by Continuities," co-authored with Paul Hebinck and Kwandiwe Kondlo, Journal of Agrarian Change 11:2:220-240 (April 2011).

"Land Tenure, Land Use and Land Reform at Dwesa-Cwebe, South Africa: Local Transformations and the Limits of the State," World Development 37:8 (August 2009): 1424-1433.
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"Mutual Gains and Distributive Ideologies in South Africa: Theorizing Negotiations between Communities and Protected Areas." Human Ecology 35:1 (2007): 81-95.
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"Struggles over Resources and Community Formation at Dwesa-Cwebe, South Africa" International Journal of Biodiversity Science and Management 3:2 (2007): 88-101. Part of special issue entitled "Whither Communities and Conservation?" edited by James Igoe and Crystal Fortwangler.

"Kinship and Access to Land in the Eastern Cape: Implications for Land Tenure Reform." Social Dynamics 31:1 (2005): 182-207.
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Edited Books

Co-editor with Deborah James (Anthropology, London School of Economics), 'Restoring What Was Ours': the Rights and Wrongs of Land Restitution; co-author of introduction, sole author of chapter entitled "Property, Subjection and Protected Areas: The 'Restitution' of Dwesa-Cwebe Nature Reserve, South Africa." Oxford: Routledge-Cavendish, 2009.
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Co-editor with Robin Palmer and Herman Timmermans, From Confrontation to Negotiation: Nature-Based Development on South Africa's Wild Coast, (Pretoria: Human Science Research Council, 2002). Co-author of the following chapters: "Introduction" (with RP and HT) "The Residents" (with RP), "Competing for the Forests: Annexation, Demarcation and their Consequences from c1878 to 1936" (with RP and HT), "Closing the Forests: Segregation, Exclusion and their Consequences from 1936 to 1994" (with RP and HT), "Regaining the Forests: Reform and Development from 1994 to 1999" (with RP, HT and Fonda Lewis), "Poverty and Differentiation at Dwesa-Cwebe" (with RP), "A Development Vision for Dwesa-Cwebe" (with RP and HT).
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Book Chapters

"Cultivators in Action, Siyazondla Inaction? Trends and Potential in Homestead Cultivation in rural Mbhashe Municipality," forthcoming in In the Shadow of Policy: Everyday Practices in South Africa's Land and Agrarian Reform, edited by Ben Cousins and Paul Hebinck. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press.

"Dilemmas of 'Indigenous Tenure' in South Africa: Traditional Authorities and the Constitutional Challenge to the 2004 Communal Land Rights Act," in Indigenous Knowledge and the Environment in Africa and North America, edited by David Gordon and Lance van Stittert. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012.

"Giving Back Land or Righting Wrongs? Comparative Issues in the Study of Land Restitution," co-authored with Deborah James, in Land, Memory, Reconstruction and Justice: Perspectives on Land Restitution in South Africa, edited by Anna Bohlin, Ruth Hall, Thembela Kepe, and Cherryl Walker. Athens: Ohio University Press, 2010.
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"Prospects for Redistribution of Wealth through Land Reform at Dwesa-Cwebe," co-authored with Robin Palmer, in B. Cousins, ed., At the crossroads: Land and agrarian reform in South Africa into the 21st century, 194-210. Belville: University of the Western Cape Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies and the National Land Committee, 2000.
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"Apartheid and the Erosion or Preservation of Medicinal Plant Knowledge," (comment on Aston Philander, L., Makunga, N., and Platten, S. (2011) "Local Medicinal Plant Knowledge in South Africa Preserved by Apartheid" Human Ecology 39: 203-216), Human Ecology 40:2: 327-328 (April 2012).

Invited commentary on Thembela Kepe, Elsie Lewison, Renata Ramasra and Sadia Butt, "The Elusive 'Fair Deal' in South Africa's Land Reform," Forum for Development Studies 38:3: 383-385 (October 2011).

Book Reviews

Review of Tobias Heller, ed. Disputing the Floodplains: Institutional Change and the Politics of Resource Management of African Wetlands (Leiden: Brill, 2010). Human Ecology 39: 701-703 (October 2011).

Review of J.L. Gibson, Overcoming Historical Injustices: Land Reconciliation in South Africa (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009). African Studies Review 53:3: 152-154 (December 2010).

Review of JoAnn McGregor, Crossing the Zambezi: the Politics of Landscape on a Central African Frontier (London: Boydell & Brewer, 2009), Journal of Contemporary African Studies 28:4: 523-529 (October 2010).

Review of Cherryl Walker, Landmarked: Land Claims and Restitution in South Africa (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2008), Review of African Political Economy 37:124: 249-250 (June 2010).

Review of Douglas L. Johnson and Laurence A. Lewis, Land Degradation. Creation and Destruction, 2nd edition (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2006), Human Ecology 36:5: 785-786 (October 2008).

Review of Heinz Klug, Constituting Democracy: Law, Globalism and South Africa's Political Reconstruction (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000) and Lungisile Ntsebeza, Democracy Compromised: Chiefs and the politics of the land in South Africa (Leiden and Boston: Brill Academic Publishers, 2005), Political and Legal Anthropology Review 31:1: 174-180 (May 2008).

Review of Emilio Moran, People and Nature: an Introduction to Human Ecological Relations (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), Journal of Ethnobiology 27:2: 276-277 (2007).

Review of David McDermott Hughes, From Enslavement to Environmentalism: Politics on a Southern African Frontier (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2006), International Journal of African Historical Studies 40:1: 189-191 (2007).

Review of Nancy Jacobs, Environment, Power, and Injustice: A South African History (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003), Canadian Journal of African Studies 39:1: 177-181 (2005).

Review of Abdulkader Tayob and W. Weisse, eds., Religion and Politics in South Africa: from Apartheid to Democracy (New York: Waxmann, 1999), September 2004. H-SAFRICA discussion list.

Review of Peter Carstens, In the Company of Diamonds: De Beers, Kleinzee, and Control of a Town. (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2001), American Anthropologist 106:1:182-183 (March 2004).

Review of Gillian Hart, Disabling Globalization: Places of Power in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Berkeley: U. of California Press, 2002), International Journal of African Historical Studies 36:1: 217-220 (2003).

Review of Patrick Wolfe, Settler Colonialism and the Transformation of Anthropology: the Politics and Poetics of an Ethnographic Event (London: Cassell, 1999). Interventions: international journal of postcolonial studies 3:3: 466-468 (2001).

Review of H.L. Pretorius, Historiography and Historical Sources Regarding African Indigenous Churches in South Africa: Writing Indigenous Church History (Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 1995) and Piet Naude, The Zionist Christian Church in South Africa: A Case-Study in Oral Theology (Lewiston, N.Y.: Edwin Mellen Press, 1995), July 1996. H-AFRICA discussion list.

Encyclopedia Articles

"Land Reform." In New Encyclopedia of Africa. Chicago: Gale Group, 2007.

"Livelihoods." In Encyclopedia of Environment and Society. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2007.

Unpublished Works

"Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods in Hobeni," in Eastern Cape Agricultural and Rural Livelihoods Study. Prepared for the 2004 Provincial Growth and Development Plan. Fort Hare University Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Newsletter Columns

Column on NEWSA conference, in Anthropology News, December 2006.

Column on NSF Ethnoecology Methods Course, in Anthropology News, November 2006.

Column on AAA 2005 Restitution Panel, in Anthropology News, October 2006.