Qualitative Research Methods

Links related to the course

Undergraduate Research at Union
Details on available grants, deadlines, etc.

Guidelines for Faculty and Students Engaged in Human Subjects Research at Union College

How to do Ethnographic Research: A Simplified Guide
At the University of Pennsylvania Anthropology Department. A useful overview of the process of ethnographic research, linking it to debates in contemporary anthropology

Examples of Successful Anthropology Research Proposals:
Set One

Set Two
Two sets of five proposals each that received funding from the National Science Foundation's Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.

Examples of Research Budgets and Budget Justifications:
Budget for ethnographic fieldwork in Rwanda
UC Berkeley Undergrad. Research
Includes a sample budget and guidelines for a budget format

A summary of AAA citation style

The complete AAA style guide
Sample references start on p. 10