Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Links to on-line Readings for Week Three - September 17-21

Note: these are only the readings listed with the abbreviation www on the syllabus. You should check the syllabus for other readings.

For September 17:

Darrell Posey, The Importance of Bees to Kayapo Indians of the Brazilian Amazon

Note: As announced in class on 9/17, I've switched the assignments for Weds. 9/19 and Friday 9/21 -- the dates & readings here are the updated ones - Turner and Fajans-Turner for Wednesday, Barth for Friday.

For September 19:

Terence Turner and Vanessa Fajans-Turner, "Political innovation and inter-ethnic alliance: Kayapo resistance to the developmentalist state"

For September 21:

F. Barth, "Toward a richer description and analysis of cultural phenomena" - available from Schaffer Library Reserves

In-class Presentation on September 21-24:

Biological and Cultural Diversity