ANT242 Economic Anthropology

Offered at Union College, Fall 2006

Fall 2006 Course Syllabus

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Course Readings

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Week Five

GIVE IT AWAY by David Graeber
on Mauss and MAUSS

James Carrier, "The Gift in Theory and Practice in Melanesia"
Ethnology 31:2 (April 1992), pp. 185-193

James Carrier, "The Symbolism of Possession in Commodity Advertising" Man, New Series, Vol. 25, No. 4. (Dec., 1990), pp. 693-706

Week Seven

Daphne Berdahl, "Consuming Differences"
From Where the World Ended: Re-Unification and Identity in the German Borderland. Berkeley: UC Press, 1999.

Week Eight

Parker Shipton, "Bitter Money"
From R. Grinker and C. Steiner, eds., Perspectives on Africa. London: Blackwell, 1997, pp. 163-189.

Additional Resources

Watching Ethnographic Film
From Mark Peterson's course at American University in Cairo

Steve Parish's guide to writing term papers in anthropology

The American Anthropological Association's style guide
Steve Parish's guide covers most of what you need to know about citations, but if you have a document and you can't figure out the correct format, look at the examples in pp. 10-14 of this document.

University of Kent Economic Anthropology bibliography - an excellent starting point for term papers