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Sugar glider        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Sugar gliders are charming little arboreal marsupials that resemble the flying squirrels of North America.   Native to forests in eastern Australia, they are nocturnal and feed on insects, nectar, and tree sap, some of which is obtained by biting holes in bark with their sharp teeth.  They are somewhat social and may sleep in groups in tree holes during the day.   These were photographed in rainforest near Lake Eacham on the Atherton Tablelands in far north Queensland (also present were striped possums.   The one at the bottom of the page was eating honey-soaked bread on our balcony

  • bottom: Nikon N90, Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro lens, Kodachrome 64 (1999)
  • others: Canon 1D3, 40D, or 7D2; 70-200 f4 IS zoom or 500 mm IS lens or 100-400 MI. II zoom, some with 1.4X extender, electronic flash (2009, 2015)