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Panamint chipmunk (Neotamias panamintinus)        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Chipmunks are an attractive and species-rich group, especially in mountainous regions in the western US; other species occur in eastern North America and in Eurasia.  All are active, alert, and fast-moving.   I'm especially fond of them because I did my PhD research on three species in eastern California, the yellow-pine chipmunk, least chipmunk, the lodgepole chipmunk.   Panamint chipmunks are medium-sized and have subdued coloration compared to some other chipmunk species.   They are found in a restricted range in pinyon-juniper forests in the White, Inyo, and Panamint mountains in eastern California (these were photographed in the Whites).   Panamint chipmunks overlap somewhat with the wide-distributed least chipmunk, which is slightly smaller and has a thin, pencil-like tail that is frequently carried erect.   Chipmunk species pictured on this site include:

  • Canon 7D2; 800 mm IS with 1.4X extender, fill-in flash (2018)