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Peregrine falcon (juvenile tundrinus race)        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Peregrines are probably the fastest of all animals under their own power; in a dive they can exceed 200 mph (320 km/h).   They have captured the imagination of people for thousands of years and are considered the ultimate falconer's bird.   Adults (this page) are slate-blue above and barred below; juveniles are brownish above and variably streaked below.  At all ages, peregrines have very big feet, a characteristic stiff, powerful flight, and a dark 'helmet' that permits identification at long distances.   They occur in various geographical races; I think this one is the pale 'tundra' race, with a thin 'moustache' and the suggestion of a white eye-line.
      This bird was photographed at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area near Riverside, California.

  • Canon 7D2; 800 mm IS lens with 1.4X converter, fill-in flash (2015)