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Dickcissel        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Dickcissels are common breeders in grasslands east of the Rocky Mountains; they migrate to South America for the winter.   Interestingly, the species was assumed to be in serious trouble some years ago, but it seems to be doing fine in eastern Kansas, where these photos were taken.   Their three-note songs were just about everywhere, and males (like these) could be seen on fences, posts, and small shrubs in agricultural fields, pastures, and areas of preserved grasslands   Most of these birds were photographed on the Konza Prairie near Manhattan, Kansas; one was a rare fall vagrant to Monterey, California.

  • Canon 1D3, 1D4, or R7; 800 mm IS lens + 1.4X converter, some with fill-in flash (2009, 2022)