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Little wattlebird        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Wattlebirds are among the many species of Australian honeyeaters, and are named for their more-or-less prominent facial wattles.   This species, the little wattlebird, is the smallest of the wattlebirds and also has the smallest wattles (which are often invisible, or resemble small patches of bare skin).   Little wattlebirds are very common and very aggressive residents in much of eastern Australia.   I took the photos in Wombarra, on the coast of New South Wales near Wollongong.   The bird in the top right image was scolding a diamond python.

  • Canon 1D3 or 7D2; 500 mm IS lens plus 1.4X or 2X extender or 800 mm IS lens plus 1.4X extender, fill-in flash; upper image: Canon 40D with 70-200 f4 IS lens (2009, 2015)