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Pomarine jaeger        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Like their relatives the skuas, jaegers will vigorously defend their nests against all comers, including humans.   Pomarine jaegers (like these) are the largest of the jaegers; they breed on the high Arctic tundra and feed mainly on lemmings (small rodents) and birds.   They spend the winter far out to sea.   I photographed these on the tundra near the Arctic coastal town of Utqiagvik, Alaska, and in Monterey Bay, California.

  • Canon 1D4 or R7, 800 mm IS lens or 100-400 Mk II zoom, some with 1.4X extender, some with fill-in flash (2011, 2022)
  • Olympus E-M1X, 300 mm IS lens with 1.4X extender (2022)