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Hudsonian godwit        Images © Mark A. Chappell

Hudsonian godwits are the smallest and most colorful of the godwits (in breeding plumage, as seen here).   They have a small, scattered, and still incompletely-known breeding range in the Canadian Arctic and Alaska.   Most of the year they frequent beaches, marshes, and estuaries, but in their Arctic breeding habitat they frequently sit on top of small spruce trees.   These photos are of a bird that stopped in San Diego on its northward migration in late May and June 2019.   It was extraordinarily tame, largely ignoring people and flying only when dogs approached or it was about to be run down by a jogger.   The species' characteristic black-and-white tail and black underwing coverts are clearly visible in most of these photos.   Another page has pictures of this bird on the ground.

  • Canon 7D2; 800 mm lens (2019)