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Black-footed albatross        Images Mark A. Chappell

Black-footed albatrosses are one of three albatross species that breed in the North Pacific (the others are Laysan and short-tailed albatrosses).   Unlike most albatrosses they have dark brown plumage with little white (with age, the tail coverts whiten).   Black-footed albatrosses nest mainly on the northern Hawai'ian islands (Midway and Laysan) but have huge foraging ranges, including most of the North Pacific into Alaskan waters.   They are frequently seen in late summer and autum in August and early October.   In some of the images, a pink-footed shearwater is accompanying an albatross.   Additional photos of this species are here.

  • Canon 7D2 or R7; 100-400 Mk. II IS lens some with 1.4X extender (2021, 2022)